Webinar: Organizing for a Government that Works for All

Across the country creative and collaborative organizing efforts are building the public will for progressive change. Public Works has had the privilege of working with a number of these efforts and to develop its own thinking about the intersection of organizing, civic engagement and our mission to rebuild support for government. This webinar focuses on this intersection and on how organizing and organizers play an essential role in reimaging what the role of government can and should be in a just and inclusive society. We are joined by key organizing partners in the field who are working to engage their communities in a reclamation of government to its common good purposes.

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We are very appreciative of the great guest panelists who joined us: Aparna Shah, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, Chris Conry, TakeAction MN, and Kirk Noden, Ohio Organizing Collaborative. Check out their websites to learn more about the great work they are doing. Kirk has also written an interesting piece that further explores some of the issues he raised during his presentation. Read it here in Belt Magazine.



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