Coming SoonAnimated Video about our Latest Research

Coming in July 2016, we will post an animated video about our latest research: Reclaiming Government for America’s Future.  In the meantime, here is a recording of one of our recent webinars.


Public Works and the Center for Social Inclusion teamed up to host this webinar that features the learnings and recommendations from new research commissioned by CSI on how to talk about race as well as the perspective of on-the-ground advocates doing this work in Arkansas.  Read below for more information about the webinar and additional resources.

Webinar Summary:

Are you working to advance public policies and programs meant to further racial equity in your state or community? Do you want to be racially explicit in the pursuit of your goals but in a way that brings more people of all types into the conversation in a constructive way? Do you have a sense (or direct evidence) that stereotypes about a racialized “other” are being used to undermine support for public solutions? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then we have a webinar for you.


It goes without saying that these are large scale challenges that will require bringing multiple strategies to bear and do so with discipline over many years….but that does not mean that a one-hour webinar is too small to be one small step in the right direction.


This webinar features presentations from:


  • Anika Fassia, Public Works
  • Elaine Mejia, Public Works
  • Jessica Kang, The Center for Social Inclusion
  • Rich Huddleston, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
  • Bill Kopsky, Arkansas Public Policy Panel



On July 15, 2016, Dianne Stewart announced that Public Works and Indivisible will suspend operations effective immediately.  Read Dianne’s message:


Dear Public Works Partner,


As a follower and supporter of Indivisible or its predecessor organization, Public Works, you have been part of a 14-year effort to build understanding of the value and potential of government. Together we have worked to build a constituency, equipping and supporting leaders across the country to make a compelling case for public initiatives. And, with the advent of Indivisible, we’ve helped a new generation understand the importance of government as an essential way we can come together to address our most pressing challenges. You have accomplished so much in that time and we are honored to have been your partner in these efforts.


It is with pride in our accomplishments, gratitude for your belief in our shared cause, but also with great regret and sadness, that we announce that this will be our last week of operation.  We remain convinced that those who care about creating a country where all have justice, opportunity, mobility, and safety must also embrace the mission of reclaiming government for America’s future.  And we are certain that, as our long-time, beloved partners in this work, you will carry on this mission, as will each of us as we move into new roles.


We are pleased to leave you with a number of compelling tools and resources as we conclude our formal operations.  Over the past month, with our fabulous state partners in Oregon, Nebraska, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina and Arkansas, we have rolled out the findings and recommendations from a major new investigation spearheaded by our long-time, amazing research collaborators, the Topos Partnership. Many of you have been the beneficiaries of trainings, tools and communications strategies that emerged from the previous, groundbreaking research that Topos (and before them, the FrameWorks Institute) began conducting for us more than a decade ago. This effort is even more ambitious, exploring in detail the current understanding of government and delving particularly deeply into how these concerns intersect with the priorities of communities of color.


You will discover that these new findings and recommendations are uniquely suited to the serious challenges we face today, though they call upon us all to stretch our understanding of our task as communicators and as advocates for public priorities. They document in a nuanced and thorough way what we all see in the media and feel in our personal and professional lives: that most Americans—with good reason—believe that they and their neighbors are more like “subjects” than citizens. That they are not living in a true democracy. That they do not have a real say. Correspondingly, the resulting recommendations suggest that those who wish to promote public solutions to our nation’s challenges, must first acknowledge this lived reality, but also must show a feasible path for people to engage and assert the influence they can have together with others.


You will receive a follow-up email with more detail about this research and recommendations, but  you can access all of the documents, videos, tools and other resources produced for this effort at any one of three locations: (password: byus4us),, and Partnership invites inquiries or any type of communication from our partners and will seek to provide support as they endeavor to integrate this important information into their work.


The Indivisible and Public Works websites will remain operational for the foreseeable future, securing access to all of the information and resources that those sites contain.


We send all of you our heartfelt appreciation for your important efforts across the country and will be with you in spirit—and likely in future partnerships—as you work for a better community, state and country.




Dianne Stewart
President and CEO


Betty Sue Flowers
Board Chair




Public Works is a non-profit dedicated to building public will for the common good by engaging more Americans in an active pursuit of a government that works for us all.

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