Change Makers

Change Makers are Public Works success stories.  Public Works engages individual leaders and organizations across America in the need to build public support for the common good and equips them with the tools to make it happen. Public Works and its growing field of trained partners are changing the public conversation about government for the better.

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  • Wetlands, nature’s sponge

    We were thrilled to see language that we worked on with a partner organization make its way onto this permanent sign in Oregon.   This language on wetlands preservation replaces any negative images one might have of “swamps” with metaphors … Continue reading

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  • A path forward for California

    Chris Hoene, the Executive Director of the California Budget Project, recently wrote a terrific op-ed for the Sacramento Bee. It’s aspirational while also offering practical solutions for the future. Here’s an excerpt: “But as we look forward, it’s time to … Continue reading

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  • Residents of Jackson, MS approve higher taxes

    At least one community out there is connecting the dots between the things paid for by taxes and the community’s quality of life and economy. That community is Jackson, Mississippi, where local residents took the lead in explaining to their … Continue reading

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  • A Tax System That Works for All Arkansans

    Talking about tax fairness without triggering all-taxes-are-bad thinking is tricky. That’s why we admired this new set of materials (press release, report, news clip) from Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. In promoting its new report about taxes in Arkansas, … Continue reading

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  • Making the Case for Public Investment in North Carolina

    Public Works began working with leaders and organizations in North Carolina shortly after its founding in 2004. Public Works partnered with the NC Justice Center and Blueprint North Carolina to host several training’s over a five year period. So when … Continue reading

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  • Montana is a great place to live and work

    Montana is a great place to live and work. The Big Sky. Glacier National Park. Flathead Lake. While its natural resources are part of what makes Montana great, so too are the strong, vibrant communities that dot the state. The … Continue reading

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