Advancing Equity in Washington State

advancing equity in Washington state

We have to give a shout out to our friends at the Washington Budget and Policy Center for this report, which lays out what lawmakers in the state of Washington can do to improve racial equity. The piece connects to widely shared values with language like, “Too many people of color in Washington don’t have the opportunities they need to advance alongside their peers.” Moreover it connects to shared goals when it asserts, “This is paramount to helping ensure that hardworking Washington families can get ahead, kids can receive a top-notch education, and we can help create a healthy future for our residents and our environment.” We also like, “Our state does best when we have a strong and inclusive middle class that allows all Washingtonians to contribute their talents and creativity and be rewarded fairly for their hard work.” Nice work, WB&PC. It’s not easy to talk about the need to improve racial equity in a way that is both explicit about racial disparities and connects the dots to the impacts on everyone in the state.

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