Are we sabotaging better understanding of taxes with our own rhetoric?

Arma di seduzioneDuring the latest round of fiscal negotiations, much of the rhetoric from both sides of the debate actually undermined better understanding of and support for adequate and fairly distributed revenues to fund the work of government. Anat Shenker-Osorio does a great job of explaining why much of the tax talk from progressives reinforces a “taxes are bad” mindset that will harm our ability to raise the revenues needed to maintain public structures in the long term.

What’s the worst way to advocate for increasing revenue in today’s fiscal fight? Talk about taxes. It only serves folks on the right to bring this topic front and center. Whether the pesky facts confirm it or not, they’ve cemented themselves as your money-saving alternative in governance—the Wal-Mart of Washington. But progressives, a group of people who believe in a collective kitty, do our share of trashing taxes as well. We resort to this even when we mean to be defending them, hoping to make a case for government at the same time.

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