The Best Place to Work

NASAAnd this year’s Miss Congeniality is… NASA! Again!

For the third consecutive year, NASA came in number one in the Partnership for Public Service’s survey of federal employee satisfaction. Why is NASA so successful at keeping its people happy (aside of the obvious cool factor that comes with saying, “I work at NASA”)? This article in Govloop highlights five lessons from NASA that could benefit other agencies.

  1. Foster great leaders. … NASA makes leadership development a priority, offering training and setting goals at every level of management at the agency. …
  2. Match skills to missions. Satisfaction in your job doesn’t come from having a stellar mission. It comes from working towards a mission that you personally believe in, and that you have the skills to achieve. That’s what NASA teaches us. The agency’s results also show that relating specific roles to organizational success can also have a powerful impact on individual happiness.
  3. Provide training and development. … NASA’s Agency Training and Development Office… provides training—informal and formal, inside and outside the agency—to its employees so they continually acquire new skills and knowledge. …
  4. Maintain work-life balance. … NASA’s budget is continually shrinking. Yet even with fewer resources the agency continues to maintain a healthy work-life balance for its employees. In fact, some cost-cutting measures are actually working to improve this balance. Teleworking is a prime example. …
  5. Encourage innovation. … What actually engages employees is the idea that they can be a part of, and even lead, changes to their organization. Support and encouragement from the agency is crucial to fostering this feeling of potential.


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