Bringing Flair to Government Reports

Here’s something we bet you never thought you would see. This, friends, is the cover of a government report:



This clip-art-gone-wild cover, featured in a piece on Good magazine’s website, comes from an employee at California’s Transportation Department. The head honchos felt like this report was too important to disappear into the boring world of plain white covers.

But there’s more innovation happening in California than just what’s on report covers. Late last year the city of Los Angeles launched its “Innovation Fund,” which goes to supporting ideas from city employees and commissioners. From the fund’s website:

The $1 million fund is designed to provide one-time funds to City departments to test new ideas that could make the City work better.  We expect to fund projects that haven’t been tried in LA before, that increase efficiency, improve the quality of life for Angelenos, and that are feasible and measurable. LA is the global capital of creativity – and we know that City employees and Commissioners have great ideas for how we could do our work better.

Getting ideas for improving performance and efficiency from the people who actually do the work?! How innovative!



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