Canada’s public workers make the case for government

NUPGEOver the past several years we’ve worked with the National Union of Public and Governmental Employees in Canada, and we’ve been impressed with their communications efforts. The union goes beyond making the case for its members’ jobs and instead tells a bigger story about the role public workers play in making communities strong. One recent example from NUPGE is this statement about efforts the union is taking to engage members. Here’s an excerpt:

The Ontario government’s attack on public structures and public service workers is political, said [NUPGE president Warren Thomas]. “And the solution is political.”

“Members need to make their voices heard in social media and public forums,” he said. “If there’s one place where we do have influence, it’s in the political arena. They (employer and government) can be backed off and backed down.”

Similarly, here’s an excerpt from the section of their website on the Value of Public Services:

The contribution public services make to our prosperity should be obvious, but it is not always properly appreciated.

It is generally agreed that public services such as health care and education need to be properly funded and widely available.

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