In the Works – August 2014

by Public Works on August 28, 2014 in August 2014 eNewsletter

training new skills signAnika didn’t have to travel too far for this month’s first training. Anika joined the Communication Workers of America’s Public Healthcare & Education Conference in San Antonio and presented two workshops on messaging the role of the public sector to their members.

Anika then traveled to Los Angeles to support our long time partners at Mobilize the Immigrant Vote’s first electoral bootcamp. She set the stage for the three day event by presenting on the importance of values-based messaging in the coalition’s scriptwriting work.

Our last stop led us out of the country. For six years Public Works has been invited to present at the summer leadership school of one of the largest public sector unions in Canada – the National Union of Public and General Employees who are facing anti-government attacks surprisingly similar to those here in the US. Patrick was our cross-border emissary this year (with a side trip to the fascinating Canadian Canoe Museum!)

Observations on Ferguson, Missouri

by Elaine Mejia on August 27, 2014 in August 2014 eNewsletter

Like most Americans, the Public Works team has been closely and emotionally following the events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri. Our hearts go out to the people of Ferguson, though we would not presume to fully understand what the residents—much less … Continue reading

Water works when innovation and professionalism are tapped

by Public Works on August 27, 2014 in August 2014 eNewsletter

Government and innovation: two words most people don’t often connect. But here at Public Works we are always impressed by the innovative spirit embedded in many public systems and agencies. This month in the Public Beat there are several great … Continue reading

How does public innovation happen?

by Public Works on August 27, 2014 in August 2014 eNewsletter

Harvard’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance is dedicated to advancing excellence and innovation in governance and public policy. The center just published a new book with the Brookings Institution with a title we love—“The Persistence of Innovation in Government.” The … Continue reading

Thing? Not a Thing? Or Internet of Things?

by Public Works on August 27, 2014 in August 2014 eNewsletter

Once again GovLoop has its eyes on the intersection of government and the information revolution. This recent post raises important questions about the role of government oversight and regulation as the Internet of Things (IoT) explodes. As the author states: Once we … Continue reading

Civic Tech for Better Cities

by Public Works on August 27, 2014 in August 2014 eNewsletter

This article notes that half of humanity now lives in cities and by 2050 two-thirds will. Municipal governments will be at the forefront of how well (or badly) this urbanization trend plays out. Author Susan Crawford, a visiting professor at Harvard … Continue reading

What am I voting for?

by Public Works on August 27, 2014 in August 2014 eNewsletter

At Public Works we believe that communicating about why issues matter not only connects us to what makes and creates a better society but also arms us with the values we use to make good decisions at the voting booth. … Continue reading