In the Works – September 2015

by Public Works on September 29, 2015 in In the Works

We’re continuing to team up with partners in a handful of states to kick-off off the narrative testing phase new research! In August and September we held launch meetings in Nebraska, Arkansas, Michigan.

In August, Marcia and Elaine led a workshop for staff of Voices for Children in Nebraska on communicating effectively about the role of government in the wellbeing of children and families. In September, Elaine and Marcia led a similar workshop for newer staff of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.

We also travelled to California in August to meet with john a. powell, Julie Nelson of Governing for Race and Equity and Professor and author Ian Haney Lopez to explore future collaboration around our work on race and the role of government.

At the end of September we spent a day with staff from the Opportunity Agenda, the Center for Social Inclusion and the Insight Center for Community Economic Development to learn from each other how to be better and more effective partners in this work.


New Tool! Narrative Checklist

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Honoring a Bureaucrat Who Saved Babies

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Millennials Unite Government and the People

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Yelp Teaming Up with Federal Government

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Talking About Immigration

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A Common American Vocabulary?

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