City of Portland Passes Paid Sick Days

Herz mit Stethoskop vor weissFamily Forward Oregon, an organization we have worked closely with, was one of the groups behind a successful campaign to enact a paid sick days requirement in Portland. The campaign was particularly effective at documenting and promoting all of the potential benefits to the broader community of enacting the new policy. Here’s a snapshot from their campaign materials:

Employers save money by allowing workers to earn paid sick days. How can this be? Employees who stay home when sick are actually more productive than employees who work when sick. In fact, “presenteeism” – when workers come to work sick – costs employers an average of $255 per employee per year.

Workers take a median of only three sick days a year, even when they’ve earned more. And 9 of 10 employers rarely or never need to hire replacement workers when employees use sick leave.

A minimum standard for earning sick days levels the playing field for employers who already provide this benefit. In San Francisco, where all workers have been earning sick leave since the 2007 ordinance, fully 2/3 of the businesses support the policy.

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