How does your state rank on civic education?

civic education CIRCLE mapCIRCLE, also known as the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, publishes this handy State Civic Education at a Glance map. According to CIRCLE, quality civic education in schools promotes civic involvement later in life.

Preparing citizens to be voters, jurors, and members of their communities was the original purpose of public schools. … A good civics education also teaches English/Language Arts and skills required for today’s workforce: collaboration, deliberation, public speaking, and more.

Students who recall having received better civic education are more likely to be engaged. Discussing current controversial issues (one of the six promising practices) seems to boost knowledge and interest. Service-learning is helpful if students feel that they have addressed important social issues (but unhelpful if they do not). Belonging to student groups increases engagement in community life and politics.

CIRCLE’s map allows you to see how each state performs on several indicators. How does your state stack up?

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