Code for America: Here are our values

code for AmericaThe importance of using values to connect with people is an essential part of effective framing and communications on public issues. That’s why we noted when Code for America, a national non-profit organization, published this fantastic statement of its values. It adeptly describes the two-way exchange that we should be striving for with respect to our relationship with government. It lays out a set of principles by which government should act such as “Design for (and with) people” and a set of principles that should apply to residents such as “Get involved.”

Here is the opening statement:

Code for America believes that a healthy democracy is one in which government continuously strives to better serve the needs of the community, and the community enthusiastically and proactively collaborates with government to improve their city.

Fundamental to this collaboration is a strong bond of trust between government and the community it serves: trust that government works for the benefit of each and every person, and trust that residents will do their part.

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