Connecting with Millennials

millennial nametagThe Millennial generation tends to be more civic-minded and more likely to get involved with and contribute to causes than their parents’ generation. That’s why many nonprofits are looking for ways to connect with these young adults.

At the American Marketing Association’s recent conference, nonprofit communications director Noelle West offered some tips for engaging her Millennial generation. published her list:

  1. Identify your authentic need. “An organization’s authentic need has nothing to do with sustaining the institution of your organization; it has everything to do with finding a way to make a tangible impact on whatever issue you are addressing.”
  2. Show and tell, emphasis on the show. “This means you can’t just tell these people you are doing something good, you have to show them the good you are doing again, and again, and again.”
  3. They’re busy. Simplify it. “Don’t be afraid to speak in short, brief, simple messages upfront and then create an opportunity for your Millennials to learn.”
  4. But leave them a trail. They’re information hounds. “Start simple, but create a lot of layers of information that they can discover at their own pace.”
  5. Don’t create victims. “Talk about the people you support like they are your friends, not like they are faceless victims.”
  6. Don’t leave them hanging. “Never key up Millennials with a tragic story without giving them something to do that is impactful.”
  7. They’re not stuck to their screens. “Millennials want powerful shared experiences. They are all about experiences.”

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