Defending unbiased public safety

unbiased public safetyYou gotta love a public servant willing to go on Fox News with Megyn Kelly and defend his arguments against public safety and law enforcement practices that have been shown to have disparate impacts on communities of color. So, we admire Seattle Prosecutor Pete Holmes for being brave enough to take on this interview, and we’re sharing it because he did it so darn well, from start to finish. In particular, he let values be his lead defense… justice, safety, etc. He makes it clear that seeking justice and working in his capacity as an elected official and a public manager to “heal wounds” in his city are universal goals that everyone should support. And sometimes, universal goals are best advanced by targeted strategies like the ones Mr. Holmes speaks about so effectively and is implementing in Seattle. (And is it just us or does he also appear to give Megyn, also an attorney, a basic lesson in the law?)

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