Exposing government’s hidden role in innovation

INNOVATION. Vector illustration.This article in The Breakthrough Journal breaks through the myth that innovation is solely the work of individuals toiling away in their own garages and sheds light on the role that government plays through funding, providing lab space, etc. Explaining how government “paves the way for innovation” is an effective way to combat the dominant image that government hinders business activity, according to research commissioned by Public Works and conducted by the TOPOS partnership. In her piece for Breakthrough, Jodi Lieberman writes:

At a time when federally funded science is being threatened with the axe of the sequester, when many view science as just another special interest, or worse, an element of “big government” to be starved and excised, the fiction perpetuated by the mythical “garage” compounds the damage.

It gives painfully short shrift to the critical role the federal government plays in helping our nation’s scientists give birth to discoveries that could change our lives. What’s worse: It could result in our country becoming a technological also-ran in the increasingly competitive global economy.

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