Feds Try to Up Their “Hip Quotient”

Hip QuotientWe’ve mentioned before that the federal government is experiencing a wave of retirements, meaning it needs to attract new employees—preferably young, tech-savvy, creative employees. But long, boring job descriptions and dull websites can be a turn-off to those twenty-somethings looking for an exciting career.

So the Office of Personnel Management is trying to “create the buzz about federal jobs,” says Director Katherine Archuleta. That means using social media to advertise jobs, making job descriptions more compelling, and streamlining the currently too-long hiring process. According to this article on the Federal News Radio website, OPM is also looking at innovative ways to use data to help them find recruits.

Among other hiring tools, OPM has five pilot programs looking at various ways to use data as a recruitment tool. A recent datapalooza focused on technology like heatmaps to show recruiters where they might find students who were interested in specific topics or schools with strengths in particular disciplines.

“Data is going to change how we do our recruiting strategy,” Archuleta said. “We can be strategic and go deep. That means you save your resources for where you can find success.”

These new strategies couldn’t come at a better time.  This recent article from the Washington Post discusses the fact that the share of the federal workforce under 30 has dropped 7 percent over the past 10 years. Federal furloughs, the recent shutdown, pay freezes and a frustrating hiring process are cited among the reasons for the decline.


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