Good Messaging about Education Funding

education funding; TX capitolChandra Villanueva of the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Texas provides a great example of how to talk about public school finance. For example, she starts with the shared values of the people of Texas and how good schools benefit everyone.

The right to a free public education is enshrined in Texas’ constitution to “promote the general diffusion of knowledge,” which is “essential to the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people.” The earliest Texans knew that the state needed well-educated people who could ensure Texas’ growth and prosperity, benefiting the state as a whole.

Adequately funding Texas’ public schools is the most effective and efficient way to develop a strong workforce. Better-funded schools mean smaller classes, which give teachers more quality time with students, and lead to better development of social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Better-funded schools also mean more opportunities for hands-on learning, and encourage effective problem-solving skills. Better-funded schools mean children will graduate high school ready for college or career.

Villanueva goes on to provide a hopeful vision with concrete ideas for how the state can improve its education system. This is a great lesson in messaging!

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