The Importance of Civic Engagement

The communications company GovDelivery recently released a fascinating new tool that helps public sector leaders and agencies understand how critical civic engagement is to accomplishing their respective missions. This piece from GlobeNewswire explains how it works:citizens red word

The infographic takes a snapshot of an average citizen and shows how government communications can directly and positively impact her life, making it easier, healthier and more successful. It also presents how stressful and overwhelming life can be when she doesn’t receive the government information that she needs. The document illustrates how public sector organizations can, and must, prioritize reaching more stakeholders to make an impact by delivering the information each citizen needs, exactly when it’s needed.

This piece and the tool it examines are ostensibly about improving service delivery, but at Public Works, we believe that greater citizen engagement by public agencies is also in important step toward rebuilding trust in government.

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