In The Works – February 2014

Public WorksOur esteemed board of directors met this month and we’re thrilled to welcome a new member, Dr. Matt A. Barreto. Matt is the co-founder of the polling and research firm Latino Decisions, and Associate Professor of Political Science, and adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Washington. Despite the bad weather in DC, Matt was able to travel coast-to-coast to be in person at this month’s meeting.  Welcome aboard Matt!

Meanwhile, Marcia Kinsey and Anika Fassia participated in a meeting of the Texas Forward coalition.   Although the Texas Legislature’s next session is almost a year away, the coalition has begun planning how they will make the case for increases in, and reform of Texas’ revenue system.  This lively workshop – with role plays and fun budget exercises – was a great way to get their membership involved in the planning.

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