Special Announcement

Indivisible logoDear Public Works Partner,

Summer energy is in the air! And we have exciting updates we want to share.

For the past ten years, we have worked closely with you as you have engaged your constituents and your communities in the cause of better government and smarter public policy. Your successes have served as the laboratories in which you have shown, and we have witnessed, that a more constructive public conversation about government is possible.

And in a time where public confidence and participation in all levels of government continue to fall, we have been meeting with funders, researchers, media, and partners like you asking what MORE can we do to build upon our mission to create a government that serves the common good?

The answer has been overwhelmingly consistent – persuade more Americans to “lean in” and see government as an essential tool for improving lives so that our plans to use the public sector to create an economy that works for all, to tackle climate change, to give every child a great start in life, and so many more public goals. It’s time to bring our message to broader, national audience.

To this end we want you to be among the first to know that Public Works will be part of a new voice created to lead the public conversation – Indivisible!

Indivisible is a nonpartisan communications and engagement organization disrupting America’s dominant cultural understanding and expectations of local, state and national government. It will build on the major, multidisciplinary research effort being led by Public Works and the TOPOS Partnership. Moreover, Indivisible will benefit from the decade of field work of which you have been an integral part. Indivisible is poised to be a compelling public voice for government that works, highlighting its accomplishments, pointing out its potential and calling for change when it falls short. It will be a voice that uses cultural levers to be heard, tapping the creative talents of artists and entertainers, and working with a range of organizational partners across the country, including you! Together, we will find, engage, train and support thousands of other voices who will tell the story of our potential together through government.

For Public Works, this is an evolution, not an endpoint. Our trainings and support will continue, with new research and innovative tools and most importantly we will continue the valuable relationships we have built together over the years. But you, your goals and aspirations and our nation need a new ally in this fight. Check out Indivisible’s website to learn more about our plans to bring fresh approaches that can permeate and change the culture.

I can’t wait to work with you all on this expanded approach to our shared vision.



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