Long-term Harms of Short-sighted Budget

north carolina signChris Fitzsimon, the director of NC Policy Watch, authored this piece recently that looks at the long-term impacts of the recently adopted North Carolina state budget. Encouraging Americans to think beyond the immediate time horizon is an important part of making the case for better decisions about public budgets.

“One way to predict how North Carolina will fare in the future is to look at how much lawmakers are willing to continue the investments in the people and vital institutions that helped the help the state grow into a leader in the New South in the last 40 years.

The state made major strides in the last generation by beefing up public schools and higher education, expanding targeted economic development and worker training efforts and creating innovative ways to improve public health and protect the natural environment so essential to the quality of life….

But the state didn’t cut its way to being the best place to live, it took years of intentional public investments. Sadly, the budget passed this year by the General Assembly and signed recently by Governor McCrory again rejects the lessons of the relatively prosperous past.”

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