Too few looking to enter the federal workforce

federal workforceA new poll by the National Treasury Employees Union found that only 8% of parents with children ages 8 to 22 say their children are planning careers in federal government. In contrast, 37% of parents said they encouraged their children to consider federal service careers. The quality of federal services depends upon having more young people look to federal career pathways. Plus, as the baby boomers retire, the federal government will be a good place to look for a job in coming years.

The good news is that the union’s members think highly of federal employment. This article from Government Executive puts it this way:

NTEU may not have to work too hard to convince parents of the benefits of federal jobs; 76 percent of respondents to the union’s survey said federal employees provide “important services to the public,” while 74 percent said federal jobs are “stable and well paid.”

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