Making a Case for Investment

MTC_CPPPOften when we make a case for investing in children’s programs, we are tempted to lead with the dollars and cents arguments about the savings that result from prevention. While these arguments have their place, they also run the risk of encouraging consumerist thinking and insinuate that we should only spend our public dollars to save ourselves from future costs. However, this brief by the Center for Public Policy Priorities makes a broader point. It explains that investing in public programs for children not only makes economic sense and sets Texas on the course for a prosperous future; it also has an important, positive impact on children’s lives.

When Texas children are safe, healthy, and educated, Texas thrives. Ensuring that kids do well today ensures that we all do well tomorrow.

Positive outcomes for our children are not the result of luck or happenstance. They are the inevitable results of smart policy decisions to prioritize our children and invest in our future. The Texas of tomorrow will inherit the youth of today. A better Texas starts now by investing in healthy, educated, safe, and well-cared-for kids.

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