Making Public Sector Jobs Attractive Again

career pathThis article from Remapping Debate discusses the consequences of a public sector that no longer attracts the best and the brightest of the American workforce. More importantly, the article provides some helpful suggestions for a better recruitment strategy.

“Thus, while many would say that lack of environmental and other regulatory enforcement, the dearth of affordable housing, and the broadening and deepening of poverty are among the most important consequences of the squeezing of governments, it would appear that a whole generation of high-achieving students — and the institutions they are not serving — may belong on the victim list, too.”

In related news this short piece from Governing magazine looks at recent polling data confirming that younger Americans are less inclined to work for government compared to other generations. The under-30 crowd is more inclined to contribute to society through volunteering and involvement with charities rather than through a career in public service.

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