Michigan Narrative

Last month, progressives in Michigan gathered for the annual Michigan Summit. The event began with presentations by Michigan Voice, Public Works, and others who have spent the past several months developing a state narrative for Michigan that taps into the state’s rich heritage, its aspirations for the future and the essential role that the public sector must play in making that future possible.

Speaking of Michigan, we stole something while we were there and we’re not giving it back. Anika Fassia was completing her post-Making the case_Michigangraduate fellowship at the Michigan League for Human Services and had been a participant in the Michigan Boot Camp. She impressed us with her efforts to imbed the lessons of the Boot Camp and a new story about government into her efforts to advocate for anti-poverty policies in Michigan. So we hired her ! Anika is now the newest member of the Public Works team and already out on the road this month with Elaine and Patrick.

Speaking of the “Michigan Narrative,” here it is :

Making the Case_Michigan Narrative

From the Motor City to the UP, we in Michigan value hard work, respect and community. Our hands have built things that changed the world, reached out to our neighbors in need and formed an iron fist to fight for what was right–even when it was not easy. Michigan built the American middle class where people earned enough to buy what we made. Today, some say we can no longer afford to support strong public structures like quality schools, good roads, and safe neighborhoods, but we, Michiganders, know that our fate is linked. We must embrace the values of our past in order to build our future. We must invest in our people, places and public structures to make our state strong and our families secure. Strong schools, good paying jobs and a healthy environment are the foundation on which to create opportunities, build a strong middle-class, drive innovation and secure a better Michigan for generations to come.

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