Have Millennials Stopped Trusting Government?

This article in Vox looks at the results of a recent survey by the Harvard Institute for Politics that looks specifically at the attitudes of Americans aged 18-29. ConcHappy College Students with Hands on Stackern over the economy seems to be driving Millennials’ growing distrust of political institutions across the board:

Last year’s survey already showed “historically low” levels of trust in American institutions, polling director John Della Volpe writes. And in 2014 things got even worse, with the presidency, Congress, Supreme Court, military, and federal government more generally reaching new lows.

Young Americans have also lost enthusiasm for politics in general. Only 23 percent of them say they’ll definitely vote in the upcoming midterm elections, the survey finds.



One response to “Have Millennials Stopped Trusting Government?”

  1. Kevin Stump says:

    With this growing distrust and unsatisfied taste of government, young people are becoming more engaged in their communities. It would be interesting to further identify what “government” distrust more and/or are more engaged with. (federal vs. state vs. city vs. county, etc)

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