New Effort to Restore Public Trust

trustFormer Fed Chairman Paul Volcker recently announced the formation of a new alliance whose purpose is to restore public faith in government. The alliance has chosen Shelley Metzenbaum, the former director of the Office of Management and Budget, as its first director. Governing magazine recently featured and interview with Metzenbaum. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: The Alliance mission statement discusses the erosion of public confidence in government. What’s behind that erosion and how do you fix it?

A: It’s an important question that you’re raising. We want to understand better why public trust is so low. Much of the time government does work well, but that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. And when government does receive attention, it’s often negative. We want to figure out how we help people appreciate the value of government and its role in their lives, while also helping government agencies improve their delivery of service.

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