New Tools for Promoting the Role of Government in Child Well-Being

child well-being toolsWe’ve been hard at work producing tools for communicators seeking to promote the role government does and should play in child well-being. The challenges are we face are clear – the persistence of the idea of the “family bubble,” stereotypes about who benefits from public services, and myths about government ineffectiveness. That’s why it’s important that we become more effective and more consistent messengers for a better, more aspirational and more compelling story about the role of the public sector in helping children succeed in life. Now on our new webpage dedicated to the topic you can find:

  • a presentation summarizing our recommendations for communicators
  • a new graphic timeline highlighting the role of government in promoting child well-being throughout our nation’s history
  • a recording of our recent crowd-sourced webinar in which we presented the great work that came out of our workshop at the KidsCount network conference in November
  • links to relevant external resources

And there’s more coming soon.

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