On Being Grateful for Paying Taxes

dirty dishesThere were lots of great Tax Day-related articles and posts this year, but we especially appreciated this one Valerie Tarico published on Truthout. She writes that taxes, like dirty dishes, are blessings in disguise because of the tools of prosperity they support. Here’s an excerpt from Valerie’s piece:

Gratitude as a life posture or a sense of being “blessed” is something that religious people talk about mostly in church and secular people like me, who have given up that traditional forum and vocabulary, mostly keep to ourselves. But [my cousin] Robyn, in her note [on Facebook], did an interesting thing. By adding taxes to her list, she crossed a boundary. Not the boundary between church and state – that one’s been crossed plenty of late – but the boundary between civic life and spiritual life. I wonder what it would it mean for our country if more of us said, to a God or to the universe: “I thank You that I have roads to maintain, schoolbooks to buy, a sewer to mend, rivers and mountains to protect and a free country in which I can pay taxes.”

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