Oregon Advocates effectively making the case for public solutions

In the works_Neighborhood PartnershipsFor several years now we’ve had the privilege of working with an array of committed and creative advocates and community leaders in Oregon. We’ve had a great host organization – Neighborhood Partnerships (NP) – and with them we’ve now run two multi-session Advocates Colleges. You can check out their website to learn more about their great work and their blog  will give you a sense of all the issues they weigh in on. Recently, we worked with them to run a mini communications Boot Camp that focused on beginning to develop a shared state narrative. One of the attendees was a board member of Neighborhood Partnerships and wrote this thoughtful column about the experience and the power of seeking and shaping a shared Oregon narrative.

Many other graduates from the Advocates Colleges have been weighing into public debates in Oregon in thoughtful ways. Andrea Paluso, is Executive Director of Family Forward Oregon also heads up The Mother PAC. Two recent commentaries by Andrea caught our attention as good examples of effective communications about public issues. In the first example Andrea offers her thoughts about the Supreme Court’s decision on the ACA. It was great to see her talk about the ACA as “ours” – a public policy that “we” have decided to implement that gives “us” an array of new choices, options and protections. This language of collective ownership of public systems is important to practice. Andrea was also on a recent radio show talking about work/life balance and she does a great job right at the end reminding the audience about the public actions and choices that could be implemented to create better work and life balance for all families.

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