A plan to address man-made poverty

man-made poverty homeless sign With the release of new data on poverty from the U.S. Census Bureau came a flood of articles about the economic challenges facing Americans who struggle to make ends meet. These articles were high on statistics and personal stories but often short on solutions. That’s why we are sharing this article from Yes Magazine in which Editor Dean Patton includes two things we wish were in every article on the topics of poverty and inequality. First, the title itself—“Poverty Is Not Inevitable: What We Can Do Now to Turn Things Around”—asserts that this is a result of choices and that we can achieve a new outcome by making different choices. Second, he lays out his ambitious list of what those choices should be. Intentionality and solutions—two essential elements of reframing the public narrative on the economy. Here is a noteworthy excerpt:

The American system is now so obviously broken that even some corporate leaders are calling for a “domestic Marshall Plan” to repair our economy. From their thinking and others, [Pulitzer Prize winner Hedrick Smith, author of “Who Stole the American Dream?”] puts forward a proposal to reclaim the American Dream.

Start, he says, by creating a public-private partnership to generate 5 million new jobs rebuilding infrastructure—bridges, highways, and rail corridors. Increase government investment in science and high-technology research to bolster U.S. innovation and spur a manufacturing renaissance.

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