Political Racism in the Age of Obama

Obama at podiumMuch has been and will be written about the role of race in the recent election cycle. We found this piece from the New York Times to be one of the more thoughtful reflections on the subject. Here’s an excerpt:

Mr. Obama and the Democrats have an opportunity to bridge the racial and cultural divides that have been widening and to begin to reconfigure the country’s political landscape. Although this has always been a difficult task and one fraught with peril, history—from Reconstruction to Populism to the New Deal to the struggle for civil rights—teaches us that it can happen: when different groups meet one another on more level planes, slowly get to know and trust one another, and define objectives that are mutually beneficial and achievable, they learn to think of themselves as part of something larger—and they actually become something larger.

Hard work on the ground—in neighborhoods, schools, religious institutions and workplaces—is foundational. But Mr. Obama, the biracial community organizer, might consider starting his second term by articulating a vision of a multicultural, multiracial and more equitable America with the same insight and power that he once brought to an address on the singular problem of race. If he does that, with words and then with deeds, he can strike a telling blow against the political racism that haunts our country.

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