Public Structures Are Vital for Communities

TAX FREE Rubber StampIn this piece from the Huffington Post, Richard Kirsch, senior fellow with the Roosevelt Institute, offers us a great model for talking about the value of the public systems and structures, the benefits that businesses and their employees gain from them, and their responsibility to support them. Here’s an excerpt:

The businesses and employees who benefit from the richness of a university community, often marked by excellent schools and libraries and good public services, have a basic responsibility to help pay for the benefits that give them that opportunity. …

Building an America that works for all us, with broadly based prosperity, will take leaders who can tell a different story about America — the true story about the great American middle class built by decisions the country made, through our government, to invest in public education, a legal system that protects private initiative, labor laws that protect workers from exploitation, and investment in public infrastructure.

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