Public Works in the Field

michigan outlineMarcia made a return trip to Nebraska to work with the Coalition for a Strong Nebraska. This coalition, with its newly-hired staff, is strategizing about ways to promote public policy choices that strengthen their state and give all Nebraskans the opportunity to live the good life.

Patrick, Elaine and Anika travelled to Michigan. Public Works will be in the Mitten State a good bit over the next few years in support of an exciting public education initiative led by Michigan Voice, Progress Michigan and the Michigan League for Public Policy (MLPP). Elaine made a second trip to Michigan to participate in a workshop sponsored by The Prosperity Coalition and the MLPP and led by Maya Wiley from the Center for Social Inclusion. The workshop focused on how to talk about race and policies that promote equity.

Patrick ventured to Massachusetts to collaborate with a group of child advocates and other human services leaders who are working to ensure that proposed state welfare reforms do not harm low-income families and their children.

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