Putting the Public Back in…Hip Hop?

music hip hopHere are two fun articles about the role public spaces play in vibrant communities. Grist writer Ben Adler looks how public spaces helped in birthing and nurturing hip hop’s inner city roots. Here’s an excerpt to give you the gist from Grist:

“The essence of living in a dense urban area is trading private space for public space. City-dwellers don’t have sprawling suburban lawns, or often even a backyard. But they do have access to great public and semi-public places: sidewalks, stoops, and, most importantly, parks. Parks are also where people without big houses, and people who are too young or too poor to gather in bars, go to party. And hip hop is party music, invented by DJs and MCs mixing records and making up rhymes to entertain the crowd.”

The second piece, from Next City, also makes a compelling case for the value of urban public spaces.

“If you are looking for the true source of democracy in a society — if you are looking for the places where equity flourishes — you will find it in the public spaces of cities. It is there, in the streets and parks and plazas, where rich and poor meet as equals and participate in civic life together as they do nowhere else.”

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