Residents of Jackson, MS approve higher taxes

At least one community out there is connecting the dots between the things paid for by taxes and the community’s quality of life and economy. That community is Jackson, Working Together Jackson, MS logoMississippi, where local residents took the lead in explaining to their fellow citizens why new revenues were essential for the common good. Here’s an excerpt from the Clarion-Ledger about their amazing success:

“In the face of busting water pipes, pothole-riddled roads and seeping sewage, angry citizens of Jackson, Mississippi voted overwhelmingly to support a 1-cent sales tax earmarked for infrastructure repairs.”

“Starting with a base of 1,000 pledged voters, leaders of Working Together Jackson did neighborhood outreach and preached from the pulpit days before the election; this resulted in a 90% vote FOR the new tax, far surpassing the most hopeful of predictions.” 

The website of Working Together Jackson, the group that led the local organizing, is worth checking out for good examples of connecting community values and goals to the need for revenues.


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