Retiring boomers pose challenges for local governments

retirement savingsThis recent Governing magazine piece sheds light on the impact that retiring baby boomers will have on governments in the U.S. Among other things, retired boomers will have less wealth and be more diverse than previous generations of retirees. When it comes to their impact on public systems, Governing concludes that “For state and local governments, that could represent a shift in how they communicate and interact with the population at large. Currently, government communications often start with older generations — including seniors — as the best way to get everyone on board: Elected officials phone civic leaders, visit corporate boards and place editorials in newspapers. By engaging older people and getting their attention and compliance, the assumption is that tuned-out young people will simply go along. As time passes, governments may want to rethink that strategy. A better way may be to try harder to connect with a more trusting, networked and plugged-in generation of young adults while actually doing less with an increasingly unplugged generation of elders. This means communicating more through K-12 schools, colleges, youth groups and on Facebook — and leveraging the power of young parents and volunteers to spread the message and sway opinion through their own networks.”

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