State and local government successes

government successesWe’ve said time and time again that telling public stories about when government works well is important to rehabbing our national conversation about the public sector. That’s why we were thrilled to see this article in GovLoop, “Uncovering State and Local Gov’s Hidden 15 Successes.” The article links to a larger downloadable guide that highlights successes in the following areas: Internal Best Practices, Tech Challenges, Health and Safety, and Community Engagement and Outreach.

The article highlights successes of the public sector’s open data movement:

One of the cities on the leading edge of the open data movement is Fort Worth, Texas.

“When I came into office, that was one of my campaign promises, that we would get Fort Worth into this century on technology and that we would take a hard look at open records requests and requests for data,” Mayor Betsy Price said in an interview with the Star-Telegram. “It goes a lot further to being transparent and letting people participate in their government and see what we are doing. It is the people’s data, and it should be easy to access.”

 The website,, offers data and documents such as certificates of occupancy, development permits and residential permits for download in several formats, including Excel and PDF. Not all datasets are available yet — the city said its priority was to put the most-requested data on the portal first. Next up? Crime data, code violations, restaurant ratings and capital projects progress.

 City officials’ ultimate goal is to create and adopt a full open data policy. As part of the launch, they are also looking for local software developers and designers who want to help guide the open data initiative. Those interested in participating can sign up online to receive more information.

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