Economic Security on Tumblr

The Insight Center for Community and Economic Development is using tumblr to create and promote a new vision for economic security in America. Check it out! There are already numerous videos up of people finishing the sentence, “Economic security is…,” … Continue reading

Explicit Talk about Race

The Center for Social Inclusion has an exciting new report out called “Let’s Talk about Race: How Racially Explicit Messaging Can Advance Equity.” That’s right—no more dancing around race because we’re afraid of alienating people or making them uncomfortable. CSI’s … Continue reading

Good Messaging about Education Funding

Chandra Villanueva of the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Texas provides a great example of how to talk about public school finance. For example, she starts with the shared values of the people of Texas and how good schools … Continue reading

Advancing Equity in Washington State

We have to give a shout out to our friends at the Washington Budget and Policy Center for this report, which lays out what lawmakers in the state of Washington can do to improve racial equity. The piece connects to … Continue reading

In this movement, there’s no simple solution

By: Elaine Mejia Over the past few months, we have heard from partners around the country about an exciting new development in research on advocacy and changing people’s minds. They all cited a recent episode of This American Life about … Continue reading

Systemic Racism – Yes, It’s Really a Thing

It’s hard to imagine a video about systemic racism could actually make you laugh out loud. Jay Smooth, Race Forward’s video and multimedia producer, is pretty entertaining as he lays down some disturbing and depressing statistics about systemic racism in … Continue reading

Agreement on Climate Change is Possible. Yes, Really!

Yale law and psychology professor Dan Kahan took a look at how dramatically different worldviews separate the climate change believers from the deniers. Deniers tend to have hierarchical and individualistic worldviews—they prefer stable and clearly defined social rankings and prize … Continue reading