Highlights from Tax Day 2014

tax day 2014Like last year, there were some great Tax Day 2014 highlights this month from our partners. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • The folks at Partnership for Montana’s Future unleashed their “Thank Taxes” gnome again this year. Their red-hatted short guy is on the hunt for important public investments. This is a fun, creative way to make sure that taxes are connected to what they pay for and to the benefits that everyone receives.
  • The Washington Budget and Policy Center published this Tax Day infographic that helps citizens to see how their state government is managing their “shared investments.” The graphic itself is cool, but we especially like their introductory language at the top of the page: “Tax revenues help make shared investments in a more prosperous Washington state. Safe neighborhoods, quality schools, public health and a cleaner environment, are all made possible by the resources gathered by our revenue system.”
  • The Michigan League for Public Policy published this very original faux Tax Day newspaper front page all about how taxes are a means of “coming together to promote the common good in The Mitten State.”

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