Values, systems and civics tell Ohio’s story

One Ohio NowWe appreciated this op-ed by Gavin DeVore Leonard, the state director of One Ohio Now, a coalition of organizations working to tell a new public story of the importance of public structures. In this piece Gavin uses all three of our core recommendations for reframing government – he uplifts core, universal values (safety, quality of life); gives examples of actual public structures at work in Ohio (pools, police officers, roads, and bridges); and engages citizens by giving them a role to play (“Let’s”, “us”, and “our children”).  Here are some of our favorite bits from Gavin’s piece:

I’d be surprised if you can find a middle-class Ohioan who knows they got one state income tax cut in the last decade, let alone six. But almost any Cincinnatian can tell you about the pools that don’t get filled in the summer or how college keeps getting more expensive.

City and county budgets were hit, making it harder to provide vital public safety through police officers and firefighters or maintain basic infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Let’s try a new strategy – let’s invest to make our home state a better place to live for us and for our children.

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