Making the Case_WashingtonOur friends at the Washington State Budget and Policy Center are connecting the dots between government and quality of life effectively. Case in point is this terrific infographic and excerpt from one of their recent reports:

Washington has become the prosperous state that it is today because hard-working, far-sighted citizens realized that economic prosperity and widespread opportunity meant investing in values that benefit all of us. These investments have given generation after generation more prosperity, more economic growth and a more robust middle class.

For many young adults, economic opportunity is less available today than it was for their parents and grandparents. A slowly recovering economy and devastating budget cuts have hit young people particularly hard. The benefits of past investments in education, health care and basic economic security are fading, putting in doubt the prosperity of future generations and placing a firm ceiling on the economic potential of our state.

Now is the time to bolster investments that will lay the groundwork for future prosperity, and honor the work done by past generations to make Washington state great.

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