Why Government and the Shutdown Matter

Warren video thumbnailWe love this riveting piece by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on why government and the shutdown matter. Click on the link for the full video (totally worth watching), but here are a few excerpts:

When was the last time ANYONE called for regulators to go easier on companies that put lead in children’s toys? Or for food inspectors to stop checking whether the meat in our grocery stores is crawling with deadly bacteria? Or for the FDA to ignore whether morning sickness drugs will cause horrible deformities in little babies?

The boogieman government is like the boogieman under the bed. It’s not real. It doesn’t exist. What is real, what does exist are all the specific, important things that we as Americans have chosen to do together through our government. In our democracy, government is not some make believe thing that has an independent will of its own. In our democracy, government is just how we describe the things that we the people have already decided to do together.

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