In the Works – July 2014

Patrick dropped into New York to visit with the leaders of the State Priorities Partnership to help them practice the art of “leading with why” in their communications—as opposed to leading with the less captivating “what” or “how” of the work they do. This workshop was, in part, informed by a compelling TED talk by Simon Sinek titled How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

Elaine traveled to Richmond, Virginia to co-host a workshop at the statewide PTA conference on how local advocacy efforts can incorporate strategies for improving the public dialogue about government.

Anika was back in her home state this month traveling across the lower peninsula training Planned Parenthood advocates, the staff at MOSES and the inaugural class of Economic Justice Fellows under the Priorities Michigan project.

Marcia and Anika co-hosted the last in a series of workshops that we have participated in along with Texas Forward and their partners. They wrapped up the series by walking through some concrete ways to incorporate social math, storytelling and a public values narrative through social and traditional media.

In July, Public Works also hosted a webinar that discussed the ways in which election years like 2014 present opportunities to build a better public understanding of the role of government.

Patrick took a quick trip out to Seattle with our Topos friend and colleague Meg Bostrom to brief the board of the Washington State Budget and Policy Center on the research we are conducting there on government and taxes. They also had a chance to brief Bill Gates Sr. on the work and get his thoughts about the challenges of talking about taxes in the Evergreen State.

Last but not least, our fantastic Board of Directors met in July. As always they were full of great ideas and support for the work. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Here are a couple of photos from Anika’s training in Michigan:

EJAM trainingPlanned Parenthood Training

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