In the Works – June 2014

Public Works LogoAnika traveled to Boston where she presented at the CommonBound conference hosted by the New Economy Coalition. See this month’s feature article for more on the New Economy movement.

Marcia and Anika partnered with Texas Forward to host the third in a series of webinars. The latest one focused on how to communicate effectively about public budgets.

Marcia presented at the 45th annual Texas State Agency Business Administrators’ Association summer conference. With almost 200 Texas state employees in attendance, Marcia talked about the importance of public sector employees making the case for their role in building a vibrant Texas. One attendee remarked that Marcia “gave great ideas about how to not be embarrassed to be state employee.” Frankly, we’ve set a higher bar than that for state employees, but every step counts.

Patrick was back in Seattle to attend focus groups for an interesting research project being conducted by our Topos friends and sponsored by our long-time partners at the Washington State Budget and Policy Center. Earlier in the month Patrick joined civic-engagement expert Peter Levine at a plenary presentation to the National Convention of the League of Women Voters. Already that gig is leading to discussions with the League about future work together.


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