In the Works – May 2014

Public Works LogoPatrick continued his participation in the national conversation about the use of “narrative” as a tool for mobilizing change. He joined other thought-leaders at a meeting in DC hosted by the Grantmakers Income Security Task Force (GIST).

Patrick also returned to the Northwest to continue our work with partners in Oregon and in Seattle where we are in the midst of a new research effort with Topos and our colleagues at the Washington Budget and Policy Center.

We also conducted a webinar for the members of the National Human Services Assembly in which we shared lessons learned from “reframing the public sector” for those who are trying to build support for human services programs.

TX Forward LogoTexas Forward held their second webinar in a four-part series on Talking Taxes in Texas with Marcia Kinsey as a guest speaker.  Marcia and Anika have been involved in planning this series that helps average Texans get involved in budget and tax debates in Texas.

Marcia and Elaine made a return visit to The Natural State to work with Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families as well as some of their key allies. The meeting included a workshop on how to take advantage of the election-year debate to improve public understanding about government’s role.

Elaine led a workshop at the Transforming to Healthier Communities conference in Durham, North Carolina. A three-year grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supported the creation of various “healthy communities” initiatives throughout the state, but that funding is coming to an end. So public health officials all over North Carolina are looking at ways to engage with residents and build support to continue many of these efforts.

Elaine travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah to present at the KidsCount Communications Kids Count logoInstitute. Elaine led two workshops that focused on how to make the economic case for policies that support children and families and also helped participants to rethink how they introduce the work of their respective organizations by “leading with why.”

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